Friday, April 13, 2012

Ageing Population at Home

Alas, I have always known that this day would come :(

I love hamsters, but it is heartbreaking to see they run through their short life cycle :( It seems only yesterday when I brought them home - tiny and mischievous and full of energy. And now, we have an colony of geriatric hamsters, which mean frequent vet visits, and constant medication! I have finished feeding PipSqueak's month-long fungal medicine, and now, it is time to start Friendly's medicine regime. *sigh* I am more familiar with Baytril (hamster antibiotics) than I would like to be :(

Three weeks later, we are going to have to trim Ninja's teeth, and get Friendly's skin lump followed up. It could mean surgery, but I pray not.  *Sob* Granny PipSqueak is balding and skinny. Well, at least she is still walking (not running anymore) on her wheel.

This is the very, very hardest part of pet-owning. And I don't even dare to tot up the vet's bills :(

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speedyrabbit said...

but your furry pals love you for taking care of them even though it sometimes sad!