Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Say No to an Easter Bunny

Easter is not a good reason to buy a bunny.

Especially if you are not prepared to clear up all the poop and pee (and rabbits produce an amazing amount of it), take care to feed it correctly, bring it to the vet and pet groomers regularly, and give it space to run (not a cage)!

So many people asking me to adopt their rabbits lately. My home has no space, ok, though my heart aches for the poor unwanted critters. We have a full house - 20 little furry feet pitter-pattering about is jolly well enough.

So basically, just don't do it. Like rabbits? Go oogle at a petshop. No commitment needed.

1 comment:

speedyrabbit said...

We Buns are complex fellows to look after,but your buns are lucky like me as we have clever caring humans to look after us