Friday, May 11, 2012

the end of the 2 rabbits 3 hamsters era

Dear friends, thank you for your concern and kind messages. Was a little stunned at the sudden losses that took place one after another.

Ninja is taking the death of her little friend much better than us. She is eating heartily, chubbier than ever and playing quite happily on her own.

Not sure if I will be replacing the vacancies in our home zoo so soon. Besides, I now have serious questions about the breeding process in the petshops. Otherwise, why do all the hamsters seem to have inborn defects? BigSqueak died without warning. PipSqueak had a lump, and Friendly was the unhealthiest - she had skin problems, lumps, and finally a mass in her stomach. Even Ninja has a lump near her ear now :( I still love those cute little things, but it is hard whenever I think of the nursing I had been doing for months :(

Well, we shall see how things go then.


wiffy said...

sorry to hear that, take care :(

speedyrabbit said...

its always hard