Thursday, May 31, 2012

Successful reprisal

For once, I heartily applaud the lady’s blog entry, though it carries her usual pungency.

Some men had the audacity to slime her and two fellow bloggers for supporting the ruling party, mostly insinuating that they work in the world’s oldest profession. Well, for once the victim managed to strike back, and wrote a most embarrassing article on them, complete with their photos, their defamatory remarks, and her rebuttals.

Now, we should all play fair, and observe civilised rules of engagement. Unfortunately, the Internet shows us that out of the reach of the law, people degenerate into Neanderthals and trolls. These men have no notion what respect is. In fact, their comments feel like verbal sexual assault and I am thoroughly disgusted. It is, I must admit, highly satisfying to see them ‘hoist on their own petard’ i.e. getting a taste of their own medicine. Sad to say, they look like perfectly normal men in public, some are even fathers, family men. Scares one huh, to think, when no one is looking, what people do.

Wait! Now here is the greatest irony. Perhaps lulled by the complacency that they are in the cyberspace, these men forgot that they are posting on Facebook with their real life accounts! That is how everyone knows who they are! This is such a morality tale in cyberwellness that it should be made textbook material.

Some observers demurred that together with the photos and identities of these men, their family members are also exposed. She should have blurred out their faces since they are innocent. But you see, shouldn’t these men have thought of their families before they unleashed their toxic words? Now they learn that their actions have an impact on others, including their loved ones. After all, the targets they were hitting are also somebody else’s daughter right? How do you think their parents feel?

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speedyrabbit said...

well said,some men are complete morons