Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Advice needed from rabbit parents

Just how do you tame a naughty rabbit?

Blackie has been frightfully defiant lately. He insists on nibbling the pet barrier even after I pushed his head away. He dashes out despite me trying to stop him, and gives me hard head bumps to make me get out of his way. When I try to get him back into his cage he hides in a hole.

At first I thought it was cute...but it isn't cute when I have to keep sweeping up the bits of plastic, and am always in danger of being tripped by a black fur cannonball.

I need to get him to stop nibbling the pet barrier. We have already replaced it twice!

Blackie having a blast dashing around the living room.


Clovie Boy said...

Does Blackie ever get to explore beyond the barrier? Maybe he would enjoy some time out? Is Blackie possibly looking for attention? He knows you will pay attention when he chews on the barrier.

I use metal fencing which Clovie can chew on to his heart's content. Mine is 8 - two foot by two foot panels linked together. It is flexible so I can bend it any way I want. Maybe you could find it where you live. I think that would help. Best think I ever bought. I have two.

Good luck!

speedyrabbit said...

Try using bitter apple on the gate buns don't like the taste,or use prat of a puppy training pen as a barrier as it is metal and try attaching wood to for him to chew on as they chew to be territorial,buns need something to chew on at times,and make sure he gets lots and lots of exercise the more tired he is the better behaved he will be and try playing with him as even though he has Whitty as his play mate he still considers you as part of his social net work,Hope this helps,Speedy's mum