Monday, June 11, 2012

Bad news is good news

Say what you want about her being a bimbo. To be able to parley all the cyber bullying into a full page cover story says more about the lady's savvy. Some celebrities don't even get that. 
Now there are mutterings of a lawsuit against her, apparently on the grounds of copyrights, since she used photos taken by others without their permission. 

But guys, you really don't want to take the matter further. For a blogger thriving on notoriety, a juicy lawsuit would give fantastic boost to her career. But normal guys holding normal jobs don't want further attention of this unsavory nature. Imagine those priceless photos reproduced in mainstream media as part of the coverage for the court case. 

Besides, don't forget what triggered the whole saga. I am quite certain that falsely calling someone else a prostitute amounts to defamation. And no matter what the outcome of any legal proceedings would be, the winner is obvious. 

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speedyrabbit said...

yeah the legal team