Friday, June 15, 2012

One woman's art is another's vandalism

It amazes me that there should be any controversy about the lady vandal's charges, and now there is even an online petition on her behalf!

Which part of illegal is difficult to understand? It doesn't matter how creative her work is (to me it looks jolly like vandalism), it is only right that she confines any pretension to art to her OWN property, not public property. What did she think she was painting on? Her grandfather's road?

Lest you think me harsh, friends, consider if you really want the law to be a matter of negotiation, and worse, to bow to populist pressure. Is it not the reason why Lady Justice is often depicted with a blindfold over her eyes? We need the law to be objective, precisely because it exists to protect the rights and property of every one in the society. Erm, basically it means you obey the law, I obey the law and there would be peace. I obey the law, you decide the law can be bent for you, there won't be peace.

Anyway, I am not impressed by online petitions, because of the anonymity. If everyone petitioning has to give their IC number and personal address, I wonder how many signatures there would be.

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