Friday, September 14, 2012

On Zing and home

Blogger Zing is packing her bags and leaving Singapore, but not before writing an open letter to explain her dissatisfaction with life here Letter to Singapore.

"I'm sorry, but I am leaving you. I've fallen in love with somewhere else...London is the place for me. I'e fallen for her dingy, narrow streets. The 24-hour bagels on Brick Lane...I am 20 years old and I don't want to be jaded, but you are already feeding me defeatism and banality as a lifestyle choice..."

Dear Zing,

Of course you have the right to determine where you wish to live, but along this line, I think one also has the ability to determine how he lives, wherever he might be. You fear being an "office drone", but you see, there are office drones everywhere in the world (London too), just as there are also other kinds of jobs in Singapore. It is all about making lifestyle choices and the best of the situation you are in. Just because there are people chasing money in Singapore, it doesn't mean that you have to do it too.

If freedom and tolerance are so important to you, then why do you take offence at how other people in Singapore live their lives? Why make society responsible for your own existentialist angst and "self loathing" (your words, not mine)?

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speedyrabbit said...

people have to do the right thing for them