Friday, November 02, 2012

Almost a Crowd

Just in time, I remembered that two is a party, three is a crowd. So luckily for Blackie and Whitty, the adoption didn't happen after all.

The House Rabbit Society organised a rabbit adoption drive last week. It was quite a fantasy come true for me, to be in a room full of fluffy rabbits frisking everywhere - dashing across my path, nosing around my ankles, and nibbling shoes. Yes, even the last part was unbearably cute :P Anyway, those were V's shoes, not mine. As it was neutral grounds for all rabbits involved, there wasn't any fighting. And I could pat and play with all the rabbits there freely. One little grey Netherland dwarf didn't seem to have any friend, though he went from litter box to litter box. They all seem to ignore him. If I were to adopt any of them, it would be him.

But you see, three is a crowd. What would my two spoilt rabbits at home think? Maybe they would ostracize him, or eat up all his treats. What if he gets funny ideas about Whitty!

I was sad to see two handicapped rabbits at the adoption drive. One had only one hind leg, the other lost a front paw. By the time they were rescued, apparently they had already met with some mishap. It always makes me infuriated to see how some people treat animals, just because animals are weaker than them. These people don't ever deserve to have power over any animal again.

We left empty handed...well, not exactly. I parted with $5 for homemade cookies as part of the fund raising. Hope some rabbit gets to benefit from it!


speedyrabbit said...

I know how you feel bad treatment of animals makes me cross too!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a grant time! Yay for bunnies!