Saturday, December 01, 2012

Off to Pet Boarding

It has been frightfully tiring for poor V to take care of the animals when I was ill. Since our new neighbour is doing intensive drilling, and we want to take a holiday, what more reasons do we need to send the animals off to their nanny?

Just as I was starting to miss them, their nanny sent this lovely picture. Thanks, Little Pet Hotel Spa! I know they are a handful :P I love them, but it is also quite pleasant not to have to worry about feeding and cleaning up after them all the time :)


speedyrabbit said...

enjoy your holiday just as they I'm sure are enjoying theirs!

Hannah said...

Adorable photo!

I love your posts and your blog, so I nominated you for the Super Sweet blogging award! :D I know some people don't like these awards so you don't have to participate if you don't want to. I really thought you deserved the award cause your blog is great and so are your bunnies!

Award post:

Hannah (Animal Tails blog)

masterofboots said...

Hey thank! I m honoured