Thursday, January 17, 2013


Voting is turning into a habit.

In this outlier political season, we seem to be going to the polls all the time. As this is a single-seat constituency, it is rapidly turning into a multi-corner fight. After all, every man (or woman) in the street deserves the right to their 5 minutes of fame.

Though we have come to accept that it takes all sorts to make up the political scene, this time, SDP has quite outdone itself in making our jaws drop. First they asked WP not to run, then they huffily decided that since their request wasn't entertained, they will pull themselves out instead. They even threw away their campaign posters, which they prematurely printed. Fie! Do you think this is theatre of the absurd?

Besides, doesn't this party claim to champion democracy? By horse-trading and negotiating pre-polls deals, it has shown us that its real aim is to get into power, never mind betraying the democratic principle of allowing voters to choose their preferred candidate.

It is just as well that this campaigning season is going to be a short and furious one. All the rhetorical fireworks always seem so damaging to social cohesion. As it is, our society is already too quick to anger.

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speedyrabbit said...

Politicians lies that all they say!