Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teochew braised pork in HappyCall Pan

I must confess...

The HappyCall pan went into storage for a while. I stopped using it because...I lost interest. After the novelty wore off, I must admit that a wok is still more convenient, and is about all I need! I couldn't get over the fact that HappyCall's double pan feature means that you are washing TWO pans every time you cook. Yes, they are TWO pans, even if they are stuck together. 

But there is one thing which HappyCall does exceptionally well - slow braising. I suppose it works like a tight-fitting dutch oven. When shut, all the steam is trapped within the pan, and the food turns out tender and full of flavor. So one day when I decided to cook a tau-yu bak, aka soy-braised pork, HappyCall was called into duty again :P 

The seasonings are very simple: dark soy sauce+freshly cracked peppercorns

I caramelised some cloves of garlic to give the dish more fragrance. The pork was seared before braising. It turned out very well. 


speedyrabbit said...

I'm hungry now!

snake said...

looks good!