Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Introducing Home Gym

The good thing about going off replacement meals is, now I can have real food. Unfortunately, it also means that I shall have to work a little harder to burn up all the calories in my food, and it is always so easy to overeat! Sadly, now that I skate less, my fitness level has gone down noticeably. 

A home gym is worth investing in, because it helps to save time from traveling to a gym outside. I could have a short workout in that time! With proper exercise techniques, you don't need to buy expensive machines that take up precious space. Here, I have:

  • Short foam bars to roll on, to massage the muscles
  • The long foam bar, which you can do core exercises on. Makes balancing more difficult
  • Twister plate, for some cardio and to sculpt the waist
  • Loopz band, for resistance and stretching

Finally, my latest toy, the Aibi power shaper: It vibrates pretty powerfully, and standing on it works out the legs. You could do squats on it too. 


Min Seah said...

The home gym is for you? All along, I thought it was a hamster playground.

masterofboots said...


Rabbits' Guy said...

I'm woofed. Take over.