Sunday, March 10, 2013

New furball

How shall I explain it? I never actually step into a petshop intending to buy an animal, but they scurry into my life in most unexpected ways. This is what happened: 

I was in Pet Kampong to get supplies for the existing animals. They had a great number of dwarf hamsters, and somehow there was a lot of squeaking and squabbling. The saleslady was at her wits' end trying to separate the injured hamsters from their bullies. And this chubby pudding was in one such tank. When I first saw him, he was lying feebly on his back, surrendering to an awful bully. In fact, it turned out that he was injured too :( He looked so docile and innocent that I decided to rescue him from his tormentor and bring him home. So here we are. 

 Bemused in his box, wondering what has just happened.

Then, discovering the joys of his own hamster wheel.

From the petshop's cramped tank to a roomy cage, with loads of toys and accessories, and all his favourite food. Welcome to my furball village, little one. This is where pets get outrageously spoilt. I am already starting him on the organic cherry tomatoes :P

Oh, his name is Potato, because he is fat and yellow.


speedyrabbit said...

hello potatoe,and well come little fellow,xx Speedy and mum

Rabbits' Guy said...

Wecome Spud. Life looks good.

Denise Lim said...

AWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! He is SOO CUTE!
I thought it was Whitty in the box, and then I realized, how could Whitty have tiny ears! HAHA! XD

Anonymous said...

So good of you to take him in...