Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thanks, SPCA

I wrote yet another email to SPCA, this time, complete with pictures and full address.

It makes me feel uncomfortably vigilante, but if not, what is going to happen to the poor rabbit?

The full story:

The rabbits were kept along the corridor of the block of flats, exposed to rain and sunlight. The cage was fairly clean, too clean, in fact, because there was not a SINGLE SHRED of hay inside! There wasn't any food either, so obviously, this owner doesn't know the feeding habits of rabbits. At first, there were two of them, and they appeared perky, so I did not interfere. Months later, when I went pass the cage again, one of the rabbits was gone, and the other looked distressed and subdued. There still wasn't any signs of hay, pellets or other food :(

So I made an SPCA report. Sure enough, they wrote back to inform me that the rabbit had an ear infection :(

Frankly, I hate doing reporting of this sort. It makes me feel like a tattle-tale or a spy, but   I cannot bear to think of all the mistreatment that goes on. Why don't people learn how to keep their pets properly before getting one? Why have pets if you find them too much work? Does it make you happy to have an animal suffering at home?

Because animals cannot seek help for themselves, I am just going to have to do it. Yes, be a busybody and make sure that all such cases are brought to light. So there!


Holly Nelson said...

I did the same thing a couple of weeks back when I saw a rabbit tethered in a garden: http://englishgirlcanadianman.blogspot.ca/search/label/Animal%20Welfare and heard nothing back at all, which I thought was terrible. I know just how you feel. The rabbit I saw looked really sad and fed up, but at least he had access to food, water and some shelter from rain/sun, just not from predators. So sad :(

speedyrabbit said...

We do what we have to some times it works out ok sometimes not but we have to try,xx SPeedy's mum

Denise Lim said...

You are just AWESOME!