Sunday, June 16, 2013

Goodbye, Ninja

We received the sad news that Ninja passed away while we were in England :(

Though heavy-hearted, we were not surprised as she had been doddering around terribly for a long time. Truth be told, I am almost glad not to have to go to the vet every three weeks anymore, yet I feel so guilty for admitting to this. I have loved her every moment she was with me, and gave her the best of all she needed. 

Goodbye, my dear little Ninja, my favourite hamster. She is the prettiest and most sweet-natured of them all. *sob* 


speedyrabbit said...

So Sorry for your loss of little free baby girl.
You will see her again,hugs and prayers Speedy and Rachel

Min Seah said...

Aw. My condolences.

Holly Nelson said...

Sorry to hear this, RIP little Ninja!!!

kisetsu said...

Sob sob. I love Ninja too. Been reading about her since you got her. RIP Ninja.