Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sheltered Rabbits

Thanks to the haze, our yard has been sealed off, and this means the rabbits aren't getting their daily fun. Boy are they angry about it. They had been throwing terrible tantrums every day, chewing on their cage door, tossing their toys and even digging out their litter box, creating a huge mess. 

So I have no choice but to let them run a little, under constant supervision. The problem is, they are currently housed in the study, which isn't rabbit-proof. Every time the rabbits go and sniff at any wire, I have to shoo them away or shout at them. This doesn't make for very happy playtime. 

And because playtime has to be greatly reduced, Blackie had been extra fiesty when outside. See how he has squeezed behind his cage and refused to come out. 

Alas, haze, haze, go away. 
Little rabbits want to play. 


speedyrabbit said...

Oh dear I'm praying for some rain for you to damp down the smog,xx

masterofboots said...

make it loads and loads of rain!!