Monday, July 15, 2013

Greedy Girl

Let's not waste any strand of this tasty hay...nom...nom...nom...

On our last visit to the pet hotel, Pet Nanny commented that Whitty had put on weight! There is now a nice layer of fat around her tummy :P But I have not been guilty of overfeeding my rabbits. They get a very healthy diet of fresh vegetables, hay, the tiniest handful of pellets, and hardly any treats. How did this girl grow so fat? 

I suspect that she has been munching up Blackie's share of the food. She eats much faster, and is very focused during feeding time, chomping on everything while Blackie the silly rabbit is still distracted. 

1 comment:

speedyrabbit said...

She's just make sure nothing is wasted that's all..hehe,xx Rachel