Friday, July 05, 2013

No like baby bokchoy

Occasionally, I would buy a bag of vegetables that fails to meet Blackie's gourmet tastes. Then he would scoff at the plate of greens and go off to play without getting his fresh vitamins. It usually ends up with me chasing him around, waving the leaves in front of his nose and hoping that he would take a nibble. 

Please eat your greens: Take 1

Please eat your greens: Take 2

Please eat your greens: Take 3

Whitty is always convinced that I am giving Blackie the best parts, so she would come to claim her share, even though the whole plate of vegetables is lying there.


speedyrabbit said...

maybe it because he wants the extra attention from you!xx Rachel

Denise Lim said...

My bunnies hate bak choy and 菜心 in particular. :/
What they love are : Kangkong, sweet potato leaves & yun choy. XD

Rabbits' Guy said...

sooner or later ... or not!

masterofboots said...

Funnily these two love cai xin.

I didn't know they can eat kangkong and sweet potato leaves. So hard to find information on Asian vegetables for rabbits

Denise Lim said...

Your bunnies love cai xin??? OMG, my bunnies only eat them when no other vegetables are available...
I have been feeding them Kangkong and sweet potato leavesfor a long time ( Dutchie 2 years, Jippie a year ). So I guess these two types are okay.