Friday, July 26, 2013

Rabbit stampede

I am sure this is how panic stampedes start. 

I was giving Blackie a nice full body massage when Whitty came along from behind and nudged me for her turn. Tired of waiting, she then tried to jump over Blackie, but failed, and landed on top of poor Blackie's head instead. In a hurry, Blackie scrambled to his feet. He kicked the metal feeding bowl accidentally, causing a loud thud. Startled, Whitty the clumsy girl ran off, but her foot tipped the bowl again. There was a tremendous clattering. Thoroughly frightened, the two rabbits dashed around madly and went to hide. 

Silly rabbits. If there were ever a more completely self-generated crisis...


speedyrabbit said...

hehehe I can just imagine the commotion,xx

Rabbits' Guy said...

They do that stuff on purpose. I am pretty sure of this.