Monday, August 19, 2013

Money wise

These are lean days, as I complete the final modules for my course.

In the meanwhile, my personal budget requires a close analysis, but I can't bear to look at where all the dollars and cents are going. Probably into hay, which the rabbits ungratefully trample on.

The advantage of reduced income is that one learns to make the money stretch further. Cooking at home definitely helps to save a pretty penny. In fact, now that I've learnt to grill salmon, I can't accept paying such inflated prices for it at restaurants.

Then, a recent spring cleaning forced me to acknowledge that a lot of my shopping had been completely wasted! There were wrong purchases which I never used, food that expired untasted, and beauty products which I changed my mind about. Just imagine how much resources everything amounted to! Oh dear, now I have a new mantra when I shop - if in doubt, don't.

These are habits that are worth remembering, even when I get my income back. An article on money management that reminded me that "it isn't how much you earn that matters, but how much you save".

It is time to contemplate the next step, looking for life after education. Hm, what a sense of deja-vu. How wonderful it would be, if we can look further into the future and know what there is to come, but now, I can only wait in faith.

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