Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Toilet habits

When my austerity drive is over, I am going to have to get the rabbits a new cage, since this present one has become disgracefully stained :( 

Now, I've heard that some rabbits are very good about using their litter box, but my two are so atrocious in this matter. Not only do they aim poorly, sometimes one of the silly heads would decide to set up a personal pee corner, OUTSIDE the litter box. You naughty things! Is this how I brought you up? 

Because they seem to respect V more, he is now trying to educate them on this matter - wiping up the mess, holding it to their noses, then showing them the litter box. they look like they understand?


Denise Lim said...

Weird bunnies! My Dutchie and Jippie only pees at 'unappropriate places' when something is not right to them. For example: It is time for Jippie to take his bath, but it's raining so the his spa session is cancelled. OR the daily dose of veggies is less. :P

speedyrabbit said...

try using a high sided litter box like I got for Speedy ,its a large corner cat litter box,which has lower bit in the front perfect for the bunnies to get in and out of.I got it because the old ones were to small and Speedy has a tendency to lift his bottom up when he pee's so he would hit out side the litter box also put the dirty stuff in the litter box to as that will encourage the better behaviour,xx Rachel

Rabbits' Guy said...

When you figure out how to make it work - please publish it. Half of all rabbit owners, including us, need to know!!! In the meantime, by paper towels on sale.

masterofboots said...

Some of this is poor aiming :P and the rest is naughtiness