Monday, September 09, 2013

Brushing Whitty

Of course you know by now that Whitty is terribly wilful. No one is allowed to touch her tail, to carry her, or manhandle her in other ways. She thumps freely to express her disapproval, and even bit me once, drawing blood. 

Unfortunately, she is shedding again, and I don't want Blackie to eat up all the fur when he grooms her. It is time to brush the diva. 

Attempt 1: Whitty backs into a corner, facing the bad guy warily.

Attempt 2: She dashes to sulk beside Blackie and get comfort from him.

Finally, success. I can't take photos of myself brushing her because she was squirming and backing away all the time.

Look at all the fur! I think one of these day, I can spin some wool out of all their coats.


speedyrabbit said...

thats why I put Speedy on the counter top on a towel he can't get away then but he doesn't bit which is a good thing,xx Rachel

Rabbits' Guy said...

Great start! What a job ...