Thursday, September 05, 2013

Mealworm, anyone?

"Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
I'm going to eat some worms..."

Yes, your eyes are telling you the truth. This is a box of worms :P EEKS! But those lyrics above don't apply to hamsters. For us hamster slaves, feeding them mealworm is an act of love. It is rich in protein, and part of a hamster's natural diet. 

The worms are dried to a crisp, and smell faintly of prawn crackers, so they aren't actually too disgusting. Still, my overly busy imagination keeps making me see them wriggle. 

How else can I offer it to him, if I don't pick one up by hand? I can't believe my own courage either. 

Potato loves it. He pounced on it like a predator, and crunched it up greedily. Then he searched out the rest of the worms in his foodbowl, and ate them all up as well. Ok, I guess it is worth the know...I am getting used to touching the worms :P


Rabbits' Guy said...

Big ones, little ones,
Ishy gishy gooey ones ....

We use them live for fishing. You get a few, put them in a small tub of oatmeal and put in a little piece of lettuce or fruit now and then and pretty soon you have a lot of them!

Denise Lim said...

When I first saw the picture, I thought you're the one that is going to eat them! *shudder* I didn't know hamsters are omnivores, and what I most did not expect is them eating worms! Hamsters? Eat worms? I still can't accept the fact! @_@

speedyrabbit said...

you are a dedicated mum,xx Rachel

jane ng said...

LOL! Yes, hamsters need high protein diet

JN said...

Do they look like twisties? They even taste vaguely like them.