Friday, September 13, 2013

Rabbit on weight loss diet

Whitty has turned into a pudgy girl, the result of her grabbing all of Blackie's food after wolfing down her own. Now even her binkies are low and clumsy. She needs to lose weight, but something to stop her from gobbling up Blackie's share. 

Here we are: feeding Blackie separately

In the meanwhile, Whitty is locked up in their cage. She looks so indignant!

Silly Blackie got distracted with his playing. We have to bring the pellets to him to coax him to eat more. Now you see why one rabbit is skinny, and the other is fat.

Poor Whitty consoles herself with some stray hay on the floor :( It is for your own good ok, Whitty. You will soon be your svelte and agile self again.


speedyrabbit said...

hehehe,I have Speedy on a diet too but I had to put that on hold while we give him his antibiotics treat are the only way we can give it to him so lots of bribes at the moment but once he has finished I shall start the diet again and get his exercise plan going again too

Rabbits' Guy said...

Chubby Chico and Zvelt Zoey - similar problem. We just give Zoey lots of alone time in the food room!!!