Monday, October 07, 2013

RIP Peanut

Sad to hear that Mic's hamster, Peanut passed away suddenly.

Peanut was a true rescue story. Mic and family found her abandoned in her cage WITHOUT any water. Why do people keep treating living things like rubbish! They adopted Peanut and cared for her with much love.

Sadly, it turned out that she had a lump which was probably malignant. Is it why she was thrown away in the first place? Before they could bring her to the vet for further inspection, she passed away :(

But I am so very glad that at least for the past few weeks, Peanut had a wonderful life, playing in soft tissue paper, eating yummy food and playing on the wheel, so she wouldn't think that life on earth is all about suffering.

Bye bye Peanut :(

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Denise Lim said...

Rest in peace little Peanut <3 xx
Poor little girl... I don't understand why and how could some humans be so heartless. Well, at least she was found and taken good care of before she passed away. <3