Monday, December 23, 2013

For everything there is a season

For everything there is a season
A time to travel, a time to remain
A time to drink, a time to abstain
A time to party, a time to do the laundry

No friends, this is not intended to be a spoof of Ecclesiastes. I was just reflecting on the comfort that comes from knowing that life comes in seasons. 

No situation is ever permanent, whether it is a good or bad one. A mature person who has lived through seasons is able to be patient in dull times because he knows that seasons turn and life changes. In the same way, it would be foolish to cling on to certain plans and desires even when circumstances have made it difficult to do so, far wiser it would be to let them go, and wait for a to pursue them afresh one day. 

Looking at the groceries that came home with me from the supermarket, I can't help thinking that, perhaps, I have become an "auntie" in the eyes of my younger self. Yes, I am keenly interested in cleaning agents and devices and ways to keep my home clean, in recipes and home improvement tips. My skating costumes have been tucked away. In fact, I cannot remember where they are. Alas, my brand new Riedell figure skates have been relegated to the storeroom before I could break them in. 

Yet life's seasons are such that, I know, one day I would be able to use them again. And in the meanwhile, I will just find peace and enjoyment in what I am doing, instead of fretting about when things would change. 

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