Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Night at the vet's

Blackie gave us a terrible fright when he started sneezing loudly. He had been sneezing occasionally the whole day, but at night, the sneezes became loud enough to cause alarm. 

We frantically called a few animal hospitals looking for small animal experts. Blackie was whisked there late at night. The diagnosis was flu...rabbits get flu? V and I had to learn how to feed him medication using a syringe :P The sneezes stopped, but to minimise contagion, the rabbits are now in separate cages. Neither are happy about it, and have been throwing their bowls around to show us their displeasure. 

Relieved that Blackie is well enough to resist going back to cage after medication. We had to chase him around before he went back, and he had sufficient energy to throw another tantrum when he got it. I guess, it's worth all the expensive vet fees :P


speedyrabbit said...

get well soon little Blackie,xx Rachel and Speedy

Denise Lim said...

Get well, Blackie! So that you can rest with your bunwife again! :)

cyl said...

Hi, May I know which vet did Blackie visit? My bunny Jo has been sneezing and his nose is a little wet too for the past week. His brother Ben started a sneeze or two these two days too. After reading about Blackie's experience, I think it is best that I take Ben and Jo to the vet too. I stay in the south-western part of Singapore. Thanks :)

jane ng said...

hi cyl, i went to Animal Doctor in Ang Mo Kio. It seems to be one of the best rabbit doctors. Namly Avenue, near bukit timah also has a rabbit clinic.