Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whitty the Bully

All I can say is, Whitty is really a bully.

I gave the rabbits their favourite willow ring, and they started demolishing it with enthusiasm. Not surprisingly, Whitty decided that it would be even more fun if she had it all to herself, dashed off with it. 

 Blackie is always so sweet about his naughty bunbride, but I can't let him give up his favourite toy in this meek manner. I took the ring out of Whitty's mouth, and returned it to Blackie.
 Nothing can stop the determined girl from getting her share though. Here she is, back again to get at the precious ring. Hm...I should just give them one each, but they are so frightfully expensive.


Denise Lim said...

Is the ring thing to be eaten by a bunny??? I have seen this product, but never really looked at it in detail. :/

speedyrabbit said...

She's just the boss in their relationship,xx Rachel

jane ng said...

they just crunch up the whole ring