Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cyber Lynch Mob

It isn't justice, whatever it pretends to be.

The swift, devastating retribution that engulfed Anton Casey and the Bad Honda Driver (BHD) isn't justice.What I observe is merciless harassment by a lynch mob, by people who are not even personally injured by the deeds of the two unfortunate culprits. 

While Casey and BHD might have behaved disgracefully, the responses that took place in cyberspace were nothing short of a public lynching. And did they deserve to be treated like that? Were they pedophiles, serial rapists or mass murderers? They were simply ordinary citizens who have been guilty of some incivility, that's all. Sure, they should have been chastised. But it is terrifying to see how punishment was poured out without measure, not just unto them, but upon their family members and loved ones. It is as if their acts of transgression somehow unleashed pent-up fury of origins which are surely different from the igniting spark. In short, they have become excuses for a raging mob to inflict pain mindlessly, without restraint, and probably for their own spiteful enjoyment.

I think we will regret the day we allow Internet vigilantes to judge, sentence and execute in the name of free speech and justice. 

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