Monday, February 03, 2014

Tingkat delivery - Empire Catering

It is such relief to come home to dinner, freshly cooked and delivered right to my doorstep. Considering that our home is somewhat inaccessible, we are grateful that Empire Catering agreed to take up our orders. So here we are, joining the thousands of busy Singaporean couples who tuck into tingkat meals after a full day at work. Dinner arrives before we get home, so it is left outside our home. Every now and then we get a bill, and leave a cheque inside the tiffin container. Simple and convenient arrangement isn't it? 

Well, the only slight drawback is, the food does get somewhat monotonous. Though different dishes are offered everyday, I guess it is hard to be imaginative about the seasonings and style of cooking. This is after all mass-cooked food. The meals invariably come with 1 clear broth of some kind, 1 kind of vegetable, 1 meat, and 1 side dish. See, Day 1 and Day 2 look dismally similar:

Still, nothing beats the convenience offered. The food tends to be more oily and salty than my own cooking, but it is tasty and comes in generous portions. And frankly, it still tastes healthier than a typical zi-char or veg-rice stall. To make myself feel better, I cook brown rice to go with the food.

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