Saturday, April 19, 2014

Where had masterofboots been?

Mostly in bed.

It has been weeks
and weeks of 
bed rest, upon doctor's orders.

Maybe to my dear readers, busy with all the activities you have every day, this sounds delightful. But the truth is, I was bored to tears waiting for the hours to pass each day, and waiting for the days to turn into weeks. It was difficult to sit up even to use the computer or watch TV, so if not for my Kindle, I wouldn't have known how to while the time away. 

Poor V had taken over all the work for the rabbits, and they reciprocated by peeing into their hay box ALL THE TIME! I think they miss me :(

Well, somehow, the weeks have become months, and now this enforced inactivity would soon turn into a whole lot of bustling and excitement. Someone told me that though the hours of bed rest pass slowly, the weeks fly past. Seems to be true. 


speedyrabbit said...

Hope you are feeling better,xx Rachel

Unknown said...

soon...soon... it's over:) Must enjoy your peace and quiet now:P

Kitsune said...

Take care!!

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