Monday, June 12, 2006

Ginza and Tsujiki

i am
hungry and dinner is waiting, but nihon no tomo is sleeping :( that's why i am blogging again.
only one size is allowed in japan - M.

if you are bigger than M, daijibu desu yo
, you can just buy slimming products. there are many many in japan. if you are smaller, i don't know what you can do. the shops don't seem to stock any other sizes at all. so if you are of the wrong size, it's really just TOO BAD.

besides, there simply isn't enough space for people to grow fat, really. nihon no tomo' s toilet is so small that if i were to put on weight, i can't even turn myself around in the space! Tokyo is just too crowded.

i finally found a bank to cash my travellers cheque. the service there took very very long, though there was no queue. but they served us tea and sweets, gave me a very pretty floral envelop to put my money in, and bowed us out with a flurry of farewells. so, you leave feeling pretty good anyway :)

Tsukuji fish market is really interesting. i had the biggest, fattest and yummiest scallop i have ever tasted in my life. on the other hand, sea urchin tastes like raw crab roe :P

with my pathetic map reading skills, i somehow navigated to Ginza anyway. i bought a really really pretty bag in Ginza, shopping belt for the rich. very pleased :) by then the money from my cheque is all blown, so, the only place left to go is...home. its time to assess my loot and damage :P

tomorrow, nihon no tomo and i have to commit a crime - we are going to have to throw away our rubbish secretly, cos i generated just too much rubbish in these few days, and it costs too much to throw away so much rubbish. never ever complain in singapore again.

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