Monday, June 12, 2006

Harajuku, shibuya

Anime meets Gothic!

Despite my poverty stricken state, i still went to Harajuku. after all, it's what i came to japan for! (apart from seeing nihon no tomo) it was really as weird and wonderful as i thought. young people dressed up as anime characters, adams family, samurai, whatever. i took some pictures of them, but actually, they were so intimating that i hardly dare to ask them for permission.

wandering in omotesando hills makes me wonder where all the rich people come from. i am only a poor kyoshi! the things were so expensive that nihon no tomo and i could only stand and gawk at people making elaborate desserts, and wonder how much that would cost. saw a miniature eiffel tower made of chocolate!

after shibuya, we were so tired that we could barely drag ourselves home. i think it was fighting the shopping crowd in harajuku that really killed us. i insisted on cooking dinner at home, so, instead of resting when we got back, we started washing rice, chopping onions, frying fish. i learnt to make miso was a very late dinner. too wilful of me :P poor nihon no tomo :P

after days of research here, i have compiled a list of fashion tips for guys back home. who says that guys don't have to dress up? this is how you can look jap-idol cool:

1. get a koizumi haircut - long and flowing
2. wear funky glasses - thick and colourful rims
3. always wear more than one shirt - dress in layers
4. wear hats/ caps
5. eat more mcDonalds so that you can grow taller :P

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