Friday, June 09, 2006

Not Lost

Not Lost

it was raaaaining the whoooole day! :(

i wanted to go to Asakusa, but nearly went to Akasaka instead - see the difference? my dear nihon no tomo gave me such long instructions that i forgot the most important information. it must have been my guardian angels again, cos somehow, i managed to wend my way through the maze of train lines and finally reached Asakusa anyway. actually, i am impressed by myself. i have to say here on the record that i didn't lost my way at all today, and the japanese train/densha/subway system is MORE complicated that London's subway.

i wandered around the quaint little lanes in Asakusa and it was raining. i went into a little shop for lunch, came out, and it was still raining. i was the ONLY customer in the little ramen shop, and nobody, nobody talked at all when i was there. it was a most uncomfortable situation. i didn't linger.

then i went to Ueno, and explored the park and surrounding area. i paid ¥420 to enter the museum, not cos i am interested, but just to get out of the rain. i am sorry to say that the museum was awfully boring and unimaginative. but i liked Ameyoko cos its lively and bustling. interesting to see people hawking seafood that is so fresh that it is almost alive.

singaporeans shouldn't complain. nihon no tomo's flat has bedrooms that are the size of storerooms. and the trains...even if i don't hold on to anything while standing, i can't fall down cos there is no space. i emerged feeling crushed and weak. so, if you think you know what rush hour is...

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