Sunday, June 11, 2006

Matsuda and Machida

All trainlines lead to Shinjuku

minasan, ohayo gozaimasu

nihon no tomo made me go to the english lesson for japanese, at the english centre. it was interesting, i must say. the lesson was energetic and the students were most attentive. i enjoyed myself, until the chapel time, which was in japanese. i was bored to tears. it was impossible to pretend to be interested when i don't understand a single word. everyone was nodding at me encouragingly, and i could only smile weakly and wonder when it would all end.

and that is why, it's sunday, and i am here blogging, instead of going to church :P can i imagine myself in the same position, a missionary alone in Nippon?well, i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

cultural rules can be so unpredictable, it's impossible not to do anything wrong. for example, you shouldn't:

1. cross your legs on the trains
2. eat or drink while walking
3. wear sleeveless clothes until everyone agrees that it is summer

i did all of the above :P but since i am gaikoku jin, i just have to ignore all the disapproving or curious looks.

i spent all my yen already and it's only the third day. tried to cash my travellers cheque, but guess what, mine was in sterling pounds, and here they take only american dollar cheques. this shows that UK is no longer a great world power :P sigh! living off the generosity of nihon no tomo now. hopefully banks in Ginza are more international. help! i still want to shop in harajuku later.

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