Monday, April 07, 2008

Goodbye old GAMs

it is finally time to discard my faithful old GAM skates. it has been a good 5 years, old GAMs. look at their poor battle-scarred surfaces, especially the right skate. i have a dreadful habit of bashing one skate with the other, so the right skate is suffered more than its fair share of slashes. poor skate :P well, it is better than cutting myself, of course.

new skates just arrived after a long odyssey, that involves them being shipped from canada to US, before being loaded again to Singapore. what a journey! it was a trip that almost never happened! have to thank sminy and his sister-in-law :)

here are my new skates - super duper parabolic professional freestyle blades! check them out. fresh off the plane :) i am still wearing GAM, they are my very much preferred brand. can't wait to try them out. but first, i have to break them in first, and that means wearing them at home with thick wet socks to mold them. they feel horribly hard now. it is like having a wooden armour around your feet :P i do hate breaking in new boots.
parabolic blades are supposed to help with spins and jumps and such, so, maybe now i can really make those perfect little circles when i spin!

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