Monday, November 16, 2009

Aliens meeting

And thus the deal was sealed over roast duck and braised pork.

It was like a scene straight out of those Korean dramas, with the representatives from the two families meeting and chatting politely over a meal.

'You have a fine son, we are very pleased'
'Ah that is true, I am proud of my sons, but your daughter is bright'
'Have more roast duck...'
'After you please'
'Don't stand on ceremony, we are one family now'
'True, true, I am so glad'

If I weren't right at the heart of the matter, it would have seemed comical to me. Thankfully, there were no controversies, and the aliens found a common language in Teochew. There was a long queue outside the restaurant, and so we didn't get/have to linger over the meal. The young ones were only meant to be seen and not heard, so I didn't have to join in the conversation, and could enjoy the food.

The roast duck was great but the pork a trifle too oily. Hmmm...I probably would like to go back to the restaurant (Dian Xiao Er) in different circumstances.

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