Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Half the sky

I don't think that...

All other factors being equal, a pregnant woman can carry out the duties of a job as well as someone who isn't. Of course, the lady in question could be exceptionally capable and thus even when she is performing below her usual capacity, she still does as good a job as others.

And some are fortunate enough to have easy pregnancies. Even then, it must be admitted that the lady would need time off for checkups, and eventually take the 4months of maternity leave. If others aren't dunces, it is honestly difficult to see how she can do as much work as the rest of the colleagues.

I'm not writing this to defend discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace. On the contrary, I am arguing in favour of discrimination FOR them. Time and again, I read letters in the Forum written by mothers-to-be, who plaintively claim that they are no different from their unencumbered colleagues.
But, I find it sad when a woman has to argue that pregnant or not, she is as worthy of her pay as anyone else. Maybe we have taken this feminist rhetoric a tad too far. A pregnant woman isn't a man, but we expect her to perform as if there is no morning sickness, extra weight and hormonal fluctuations. Her pregnancy is her personal matter and she shouldn't make it a problem for others.

I've heard of superwomen who pack their laptops to the hospital and a few days after delivery, started sending emails to office. Goodness me, please don't do that. There is a season for everything, and the confinement period is time for a woman to recover.

I suppose, this is the price women pay for wanting everything - family and career. Is it any wonder that some choose not to try to achieve the impossible?

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Kitsune said...

join a family-friendly company? hey, isn't that yours? :)