Monday, February 28, 2011

The new furry member

Uh oh, the menage grew again.

It wasn't intentional. I never quite stepped into a pet shop with the purpose of buying a pet, but somehow, it happened time and again, and again. There is always a furry little creature waiting in ambush, with all of its cuteness, especially when it comes and looks at you with the 'are you here to bring me home?' look.

And so here he is. Blackie. He is a timid boy, not the least like the hamsters. I'm not prepared for this, really. I'm reeling with the shock of what I have done.


Anonymous said...

Have to admit, he is indeed cute


snake said...

If you haven't, do put a plank in the cage for Blackie to rest on. Also, do consider giving it timothy hay. (advice from my colleague who has many pets)

snake said...