Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Squeak's life

Behold Her Chubby Highness.
Maybe it is because we have provided them with such a safe and comfortable environment, these two Squeaks have the healthiest self-assurance possible. They are perfectly confident of their cuteness. They reject any food they don't like, expecting you to feed them with plenty of what they prefer. They pee and poo all over the place because there is room service at least twice a week.

Then, they sleep so soundly that the sky can fall on their heads and they won't know. They don't care if you poke their tummies or pull their ears. They will jolly well sleep until they feel like waking up ... to play.

I want to be a Squeak too :P


Xmac said...

I believe you can. It's only that we human beings overcomplicate life so much, we think we can't.

snake said...

Nice life!

Anonymous said...

I want to pull their ears too!

little fish

Feel~The~Fire said...

Lucky things! We all wish we could be like that too, but i suppose if we were all like that, who would be the ones to clean up all the pee?