Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I'm prepared

Don't mean to belittle our most celebrated Chinese New Year, but you know what, it has always reminded me of a war. The shops are shuttered, basic services come to a standstill. Even the ATMs run out of money. On the first day of CNY, you can't get good coffee anywhere so a caffeine addict like me has to stock up.

But I'm all prepared. I charged through the supermarket with a basket in hand, swooping down on fresh fruits and vegetables, tinned meats and yes, my 3-in-1 Old Town coffee. The supermarket was in a state of emergency, with cashiers ringing up sales frantically and people snatching goods off the shelves.

So now my fridge is full, I've collected $2 notes and lots of angpow paper. OK, like a good girl scout, I am ready. Let CNY happen.

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