Thursday, March 24, 2011

MY Kindle

The Kindle came just in time to prevent another costly mistake - iPad.

While others enjoy iPad for the ...I am not sure what...I would have used the iPad mainly as an eReader of some sort. Intended to get the iPad since one just can't find decent eReaders and content in Singapore. Remember how two years ago I wrote to Amazon to beg them to sell the Kindle to us?

Finally, a good friend bought and carried one for me across the oceans. Now I have my own Kindle, at last! My Kindle!

Sadly, now I see why Borders is going bankrupt. There just isn't reason to buy books anymore. My bookshelves are bursting and books gather dust. I'm a digital booklover. Woohoo! I see a new age dawning.

I shall begin by seeing if there are digital copies of Enid Blyton available. Have already found the Chronicles of Narnia and the Borrowers. Haha, what did you think I was going to read on the Kindle? Plato's Republic?

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Boris said...

L&P was here. :)