Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teochew food

 Steamed squid stuffed with pork.
Is it a traditional Teochew dish? Grandmother used to make it, together with her other oddity of a dish - liver stirfried with pineapple. Truth be told, these were not my favourite food when I was young. Children don't like fishy, leathery meats. After she passed away, no one else seems to make them anymore. So when I saw this dish again after so many, many years, I simply had to order it. Maybe as I get older, mostalgia makes me crave the comfort food of my childhood. Our cosmopolitan city offers cusines from all over the world and we are spoilt for choice, but I just want to find the simple fare I used to eat. Why are they getting so elusive these days?

In case you are also a Teochew kampung girl at heart, here's where I found this: Kovan hawker centre. Get it before it goes extinct. Even as I write, another Teochew porridge shop bites the dust. V and I drove to our favourite porridge place to find its shutters down and renovation work going on. What has happened to Soon Soon Restaurant!

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Anonymous said...

awwwww, i must go get it, Dad also makes it, but nowadays they hardly cook lah