Monday, June 27, 2011

Arrived at Lisbon

Transit in Schipnol (Amsterdam) was mercifully painless. The place was well organized and clean. It was a longish wait of four hours, but coffee, my kindle and some naps helped time to move faster.

Then I arrived at Lisbon jet lagged and found that on Sunday afternoons, the shops are sadly shuttered and streets quiet. There seem mainly to be bewildered tourists like me wandering around. Managed to find the basic survival tools - the supermarket, subway and international ATM. Thanks to the Chinese diaspora, no one is surprised to see a Chinese girl walking around alone. I try to look like I know what I am doing. Maybe my huge sunglasses help to hide my wide eyed look.

Cappuccino index: the (really) small cappuccino in Amsterdam cost 2.5 euros, but in Lisbon, I paid only 1.9 euros.

Sad to say that so far, I don't find the people friendly, whether here or Amsterdam. It feels like they have seen one too many Asian in their homeland. And worse, one lady on the plane tried to explain to me what the headset was for. Where on earth does she think I come from?!

Excuse my language slips and typos. The hotel is charging an outrageous 5euros per hour for Internet. Most unforgivable for a business hotel. Hm!

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