Tuesday, June 28, 2011

University of Lisbon

I refuse to pay the high price for wifi at my hotel, so I shall make full use of the free wifi here.

Taking the Yellow Bus is a very useful way to orientate myself around the city, and take a whirlwind tour of all essential sights. At least now I know where the university is vis a vis my hotel. I just hopped off the bus whenever I like and take the next one that comes along. Yes, it is the lazy way to travel, and I haven't tried taking the subway yet.

Some of the landmarks are so monumentally huge that I thought they are near, until I tried walking there. Would probably try to look at some of them more closely if I could. Would write more the places when I could actually download the pictures.

Lisbon feels pretty safe and clean, but why is there graffiti everywhere?
The historical buildings are magnificent, but people of Lisbon, why do you anoint all the buildings with squiggles of paint? Add to them the tell tale broken windows, and you get the impression that city maintainence isn't what it should be.

Lesson is starting so I shall have to take copious notes, like a good Singaporean student.


Kitsune said...

What course are you taking there?

masterofboots said...

Conference on technology