Monday, June 06, 2011

Rabbit adventures

We had been using a pet pen railing to confine Blackie to the laundry yard, and it meant that every time we wanted to enter the yard, we had to seriously stretch our legs to cross over the thigh-high barrier. That just wasn't a sustainable solution, especially in the early mornings when our eyes were barely open.

So we got this pretty baby gate from Ikea. Looks nice, doesn't it. After installing it, we happily went to rest and watch TV. Suddenly, a small furry black animal hopped into the living room. Blackie! How did he get out? Did we forget to close the gate?

This is silly, but the rabbit is so thin that he slipped through the bars of the gate! Hahaha! Actually, when we saw him nosing around the gate, he looked much too fat to get through the bars. We didn't realise that most of the bulk is his fur, and he is really thin. So to him, the barrier was no barrier at all and he happily went hoppity hoppity hop to look for us in the living room, only to be chased back hurriedly into the yard, where he demonstrated how easy it was for him to go inbetween the bars. 

This meant another hour of hard work, pinning pet netting onto the gate. Luckily it still look rather nice.

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