Wednesday, June 08, 2011

V's entry: Pet Boarding

Since the parents pet owners can't steel themselve to discipline their children pets, traditionally, there is one way to get someone else to do it - send the children pets to a boarding school petshop.

The critters got bundled into their respective carriers and ferried to the petshop where they would know the rigors of being an ordinary pet. There would be no one to pander to their fussy tastebuds. They are just going to get normal pet food (though there is no stopping masterofboots from packing a box of organic nuts and seeds for them). Even if they throw tantrums, no one would give in to their demands.

*** ***

Actually, it is because we are going overseas for a while and we have too many critters to make our friends babysit them. The petshop kindly offered a bundle deal for our 3 hamsters and 1 rabbit.

Hopefully these naughty things will come back more docile and appreciative of the comforts of home.

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