Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bunny Love: Boy meets Gal

It was love at first sight.

Having been warned so much about the difficulty of rabbit bonding, we brought Blackie to the petshop to see if he could get along with the cute little girl there, and he was immediately smitten. The boy bunny covered her with kisses and grooming, and of course, the inevitable happened.

Blackie: all by himself, kind of lonely

 Enters Whitty: Proof that opposites attract

And now: the happy couple!

Blackie has been the perfect gentleman, grooming his bunbride and showing her the ropes of life in our home, like where to poop and pee :P haha! And how to trash up all their toys. Though when it comes to food, it's still every bunny for itself, haha! I am feeding Whitty secretly by hand because if not, the greedy Blackie would gobble everything up!


Xmac said...

Uh oh, your bunbuns aren't going to be lonely for long!

masterofboots said...

blackie has been fixed

noobcook said...

ah so sweet XD