Thursday, July 21, 2011

Misanthrope v. xenophobe

Former deputy PM assured all that regarding higher education, he espoused a ‘Singaporean first’ policy, though he reminded us that it doesn’t mean higher education is for ‘Singaporeans only’.

Am I the only one who felt troubled that he felt compelled to articulate such a distinction? When have nationalistic sentiments among the people become so strong that our political leaders are pushed into expressing protectionist positions regarding foreign talent? I blame certain opposition leaders who inflame local discontent for cheap political gains. How easy it is to sympathize, if you neither need to provide a solution nor be responsible for the indignation incited.

What irony it is for a misanthrope like me to urge people against xenophobia i.e. if you are going to be anti-social, make it universal. At least then no one has to take the unfriendliness personally.

Seriously, I wouldn’t like to be a foreigner now reading all the inhospitable complaints about me. Friends, don’t forget that we are a country of immigrants, it wasn’t so long ago that our forefathers came here in search for a better life, and where would we be if they hadn’t done it?

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tyhan said...

and the recent "video insult" case is not helping this in any other way :|

URL: via So insensitive! Chinese national mocks S'poreans in online video rant